Develop, Test, and Deploy Your Ext JS Applications with Docker

Do you work on a team where you are forced to use a specific operating system, a specific program or even a specific toolchain to work on your project, just because it depends on a specific environment? A lot of work has gone into finding workarounds for incompatibilities, due to the use of different operating systems and software versions. But still, ask yourself, did you ever run into problems, because your staging system was not an exact clone of production or your continuous integration server runs an old version of Sencha Cmd. Basically, have you ever heard the phrase: "Everything works fine on my machine?" Docker is here to rescue you. Running your toolchain, Ext JS application, back-end server, and even your database - all in a standardized container format that can be transported and reused, throughout your process. In this session, you will learn how to automate a typical workflow, including developing, testing, and deploying, by using Docker containers and common continuous integration solutions. Speaker: Jonas Schwabe, Eyeworkers Interactive GmbH