Handle Real World Data with Confidence

In a dream world, any Web developer would also be in charge of designing the way data is loaded and saved to the servers. Some of us don΂t live in a dream world just yet. Some of us even have to deal with legacy data structures that simply cannot be changed. Luckily Ext JS has a pretty impressive data package that helps us with this task. We simply need to learn how to master it. And this is where this session begins. To connect real model data to a view model, mess around with it, validate it, and then save it back to the server is crucial for any modern application. I will help you understand how some of the key features of the Sencha Ext JS classes work together to handle many of the real world challenges. We will take a closer look at the classes and configs that help us consume and handle the more advanced data structures. I will explain how they are connected and how you can tweak them to your needs. The focus will be on view models, data models, data sessions, proxies, stores, and associations, and how they all come together in a real world application. Speaker: Fredric Berling, Entence AB