Building Enterprise Ext JS Apps with Mavenized Sencha Cmd

At CoreMedia, after starting with very simple community solutions, we invested in developing a deep Maven integration of Sencha Cmd. We will share the resulting Open Source Maven plugin with the Sencha community. Sencha Cmd is a powerful build tool for Ext JS applications. Our solution combines the best of both worlds: we use Sencha Cmd for its JavaScript and Sass build expertise; while Maven manages artifacts, dependencies, and integration with other tools like compilers and the Java back-end. The Maven plugin uses the standard Maven workspace layout with a strict separation of source and target as input, and transforms it into the standard Sencha workspace layout. Dependencies and all other configuration that are usually in package.json / app.json are specified in the standard Maven configuration file (pom.xml). Maven takes care of version (ranges), releases, and deployment. Two new Maven module types correspond to Sencha packages and apps. Applications can be built for development as well as for production. Application artifacts are Java JARs with static web resources that can be used directly in Java Web Apps without unpacking. In this session, we'll show you how CoreMedia's Maven plugin offers the deepest integration of Sencha Cmd into your Maven build process available today and takes modular Ext JS development to the next level. SPEAKER: Frank Wienberg, Software Architect at CoreMedia